"Bar Consultancy - Going above and beyond every step of the way Shaker will deliver you a competitive advantage that will have your customers praising your every move!!"

Welcome to Shaker Bar Consultancy:

Shaker bar consultancy offer a bar training and bar consultancy solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry from small independent restaurants and bars to groups, hotels and international brands.

Our work ranges from one off bespoke training programs to full turnkey hospitality consultancy and training programs for corporate and private clients around the world.

We work in two specific disciplines within our bar consultancy services: our hospitality training and corporate event teams dovetail snugly, so the brand values we work hard to understand and refine are realised consistently.  However the single biggest difference about us and our bar consultancy comes down to the other stuff: not just what we’ve learnt, but what we are: approachable, passionate, creative, driven and your partner not your supplier.

For example, when you hear us repeat the mantra that we listen to our clients, do feel free to look deep into our eyes.  Because its all true: we actually mean it.  Of course it takes time to know a business and understand what makes it tick.  But it’s worth the wait.  It’s how we get to surprise clients, to go that extra mile.   Listening properly means not imposing outcomes; we suggest options instead, and plenty of them.

And people will listen to options if they come from people considered a partner in a joint endeavour.  That’s not a status we’d ever achieve if all we knew was cocktails; we understand people, too.  And then there’s our scope, we work nationally and internationally, and having bar consultants based in Birmingham, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat helps to give our people another perspective and dimension to our operation.

Other Reasons to work with Shaker Bar Consultancy;

  1. Internationally recognised bar consultants and bartender training academies with a Global reach.
  1. World Class Bar Trainers in the UK, with a combined experience of over 100 years in the bar industry.
  1. Official training providers of the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild
  1. Wine and Spirit Education Trust Approved Program Provider
  1. Our BarSchools are the longest established and largest contemporary bar training company in the UK.
  1. Shaker bar consultancy has inspired and educated 1000’s of hospitality professionals since 2001, some of which have won national and international bartender competitions and are now working in some of the best bars on the planet.
  1. Our MD and lead bar consultant Adam Freeth is the author of Professional Bartending.

Get a feel for some of our bar consultancy expertise & insight from our bar consultancy blog. Its full of free and effective bar consultancy tips and tricks to boost your bars success and revenue. Also don't forget to check out our client case studies, see how our bar consultancy has benefited bars throughout the world ensuring they reach there potential and dominate their competition.

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