Creating, Shaping & Delivering World Class Beverage Concepts

There’s no denying that – just like those other training and consultancy companies – we do know our stuff. We might even call ourselves hospitality experts

We work in two specific disciplines: our hospitality training and corporate event teams dovetail snugly, so the brand values we work hard to understand and refine are realised consistently. However the single biggest difference about us comes down to the other stuff: not just what we’ve learnt, but what we are: approachable, passionate, creative.

For example, when you hear us repeat the mantra that we listen to our clients, do feel free to look deep into our eyes. Because its all true: we actually mean it. Of course it takes time to know a business and understand what makes it tick. But it’s worth the wait. It’s how we get to surprise clients, to go that extra mile. Listening properly means not imposing outcomes; we suggest options instead, and plenty of them. And a business will listen to options if they come from a company considered a partner in a joint endeavour. That’s not a status we’d ever achieve if all we knew was cocktails; we understand people, too. And then there’s our scope, we work nationally and internationally, and having a base in Birmingham, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat helps to give our people another perspective and dimension to our operation.

Who’s Who at Shaker Bar Consultancy

Our Hospitality Experts

Adam Freeth

Managing Director

Lead Consultant

Adam formed Shaker as part of a BA and MSC in Business Management and Entrepreneurship
coupled with his bartending exploits throughout the UK and Europe. With over a decade of
experience throughout the bar industry. Having tended bar for the rich and famous, Freeth has
also appeared on TV as an authority on drinks and appeared in national and international trade
press. Adam has been responsible for designing dozens of training programs and training over
2000 bartenders since 2001 and has taken the Shaker brand globally, from Hong Kong to Cape Town and St Lucia. 2009 also sees the global launch of Adam’s book titled Professional Bartending, now in its 2nd Edition and sold globally.

Amit Sood

Director of Training & Consultancy

Amit is a veteran bartender and trainer having started his career in the TGI Fridays and Navajo Joe fame of the 90s and then worked throughout the Maxwell Group in various sites. His experience has taken him around the world with stints in Australia and consulting on projects for the Raffles Hotel Group in Japan, before heading up the Purple Bar at the Sanderson and serving the Queen at the Ritz. As a trainer Amit has been involved in writing and executing various national programs for Diageo, Coors, Coca Cola and Brown Foreman, WIRSPA. With Kenyan roots,
combined with his original training as a chef, Amit truly understands balancing flavours using spices and aromatics.

Stuart Rosenblatt

Business Development

Consultancy & Trainer

Stuart has been working in the drinks industry for over 20 years within varied styles of outlets.
Stuart’s early years experience was working in seaside hotels and then Tenerife nightclubs, but got himself to London and built his professional skills managing the infamous Met Bar, Metropolitan Hotel, producing classic drinks for A list celebs and Royalty. His Operational and Training skills have led him to set up and manage high-end establishments including, Met Bangkok, Mandeville Hotel, Intercontinental Park Lane. More recently working with Molson Coors, training staff and consumers in the love of beer & food, although his passion has always been for the classic cocktails and the belief that you don’t have to be a 5 star hotel to offer 5 star drinks and service.