The Business of Beverage
Our consultancy team, have an accumulative experience of over 100 years within the hospitality industry. A diverse group of people who have worked in various bar styles, both nationally and internationally. These including; 5 star hotels, private member cocktail bars, hi-volume branded bars and night clubs. Their experience also comes from the other side of the business whilst working with drink brands such as Diageo, Molson Coors, Maxxium, Inspirit, Brown- Foreman, etc. Managing and owning bars have given the team a complete understanding of what is involved in getting a venue off the ground, maintaining its standards and delivering profit and long term goals.

  • Advise on the operational design, procurement, specification of equipment and ergonomics of bars.
    NB. Elements of this will need to be designed in line with F&B menus and once these have been signed off.
  • Under Bar Systems Design and Build
    Shaker offer a turnkey solution for designing and building cost effective and highly efficient operational stainless steel bar systems,designed by bartenders for bartenders.
  • Equipment & Product Procurement
    Shaker advice on the procurement of essential equipment, glassware and bar tools required to fulfil the potential of the program and look at your current purchasing deals
  • Research, procure beverage offers across outlets.
  • Drink Design
    We propose to select and create a thought provoking and innovative drinks menu, incl; beers, wines and spirits, soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, classic cocktails and signature cocktails.
    We would also create the drinks recipes and layout the written concepts for print, again working closely with YOU to execute the brand and standards throughout.
  • Design an induction food and beverage training program that can be delivered resort-wide…to include modules that take care of compliance, service, knowledge, skill and delivery.
  • Support outlets with opening and implementation of service, standards and delivery for opening period.
  • Training Program Design
    Our team works harmoniously with your management team to tailor your training program to the needs of the management, team and brand;we research, design, write, prepare, implement and maintain our client’s in-house training manual.
  • Recruitment and Auditions
    Having recruited and trained thousands of hospitality professionals, our team have a keen eye for talent and our business has a network with a global reach. We propose to tap into this resource
    to find the best people for your operation. We also recommend conducting auditions as part of the selection process, which we are happy to host and assist with on-premise or at the Shaker BarSchool.
  • On-site Support for Pre & Post Opening Shaker offer their full support for your team during the stressful stages of pre and post opening of your venue, to ensure that everyone is
    comfortable in their role and responsibilities.
  • Staff Training and Development
    Whether your aim is to develop your current team or to train your new recruits, our programs are designed specifically to suit. We offer comprehensive development programs which incorporate a
    program designed for initial and on-going monitoring, training, and examinations.
  • Implement, maintain and build standards throughout F&B team
  • Staff Turnover Support
    We work in a transient industry and staff turnover can be over 50% p.a.Shaker can ensure that service standards are maintained using a solid induction and trial process with new recruits.
  • Long term learning and development structure
    Shaker will work with you to provide a full development process for your staff,from induction through to beverage management level training incl. WSET and Train the Trainer. This will motivate the team and reduce staff losses.
  • Menu Reviewing and Service Standard Auditing
    Shaker, under your guidelines,can refresh menus and review operational policies to ensure that you are always offering fresh ideas and efficient service.
  • We can run a mystery shop process to monitor the high quality of service and knowledge of your team


The Business of Food

Our food consultant, is a dynamic and charismatic food professional with a career that has encompassed many of the aspects of the food business. From award winning chef, to acclaimed food writer, restaurateur and business consultant. Bringing in-depth F&B expertise to any project, and has a range of knowledge and clients from high street cafe to Michelin starred gastronomy.

  • Waste Saving Strategies
  • Coaching and advising Michelin-starred chefs in business opportunities
  • Monitoring and improving finance and cost control
  • Designing and installing kitchens and equipment
  • Training kitchen and front-of-house staff
  • Creating food concepts

Specialist Partners

We have spent the last few years, gathering tried and tested, individual and business specialists, that can assist in delivering a project from start to finish. These specialists include; acquisitioning, licensing, marketing & social media, interior designers, revenue management, recruitment and many others.